School Staff

School Staff Training – “Understanding & Addressing Bullying – Putting Policy into Practice”

Led by Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™ founder Patricia Kennedy this is an excellent, informative, and thought provoking session that can be further tailored to meet the specific needs of your school.

All school staff; management, teachers, SNAs, admin, ancillary etc. are welcome and should be encouraged to attend. Sometimes children will talk to the care-taker, or canteen worker before approaching a teacher. It’s vitally important that ancillary school staff are as invested in a school’s anti-bullying policy as teaching staff are.

This session will cover bullying in all its guises, and provide staff with a comprehensive overview of best practice and the latest relevant research. Each school is unique and this session will look at some of the major intervention methods to address bullying and examine practical actions you can implement to support your students and staff.

Participants will gain

  • a common understanding of bullying and it’s consequences
  • a comprehensive overview of restorative practice in action
  • the practical steps required to implement DES Anti-bullying Procedures
  • a real understanding of how to “resolve any issues and restore as far as is practicable the relationships of the parties involved (rather than to apportion blame).”
  • the opportunity to role-play real-life scenarios and learn from colleague’s experiences
  • tips on how to communicate with students and parents when bullying arises

Feedback from teachers
“the workshop was excellent and everything we discussed was extremely useful”
“Excellent. Answered our questions honestly and practically”
“I’ve been to a lot of in-service training – this is one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended”
“very well presented, very clear with great ideas, thank you”