Signs of being bullied


  • unexplained bruising, cuts or damaged clothing
  • visible signs of anxiety or distress – refusal to say what is wrong
  • unexplained changes in mood or behaviour e.g. becoming withdrawn; clinging; attention-seeking; aggressive behaviour toward brothers, sisters and parents
  • out-of-character behaviour in class e.g. disruptive, attention seeking due to a dare or  threat
  • deterioration in educational attainments; loss of concentration, interest and enthusiasm in school
  • erratic attendance due to reluctance to go to school
  • lingering behind in school alter classes are over (parents may notice a child’s requests to be accompanied to and from school)
  • increased requests for pocket money, or stealing money (to pay of sources of intimidation)
  • loss of or damage to personal possessions or equipment
  • artwork expressing inner turmoil