“Your workshops are excellent. I am a passionate anti-bully principal who invests a lot of time and energy into the pro-active dealing with, and prevention of, bullying. I would have felt that I was very aware of bullying issues in the school, but often the workshops have thrown up stuff that I completely missed. We need more of them. I’m in a disadvantaged school and we always fund the workshops when we book them. Really though, if the government are serious about the bullying issues they need to support Sticks and Stones.”
Principal, CBS Primary, New Ross, Co. Wexford

“I initially contacted Sticks & Stones as there were some issues among certain students in my class at the time. I felt that an outside source could help improve the situation. Not only were my concerns listened to intently but the workshop was designed accordingly and had a long lasting impact on the class as a whole. The children were both educated and empowered. I noticed the positive ripples of the Sticks and Stones workshop for weeks and months thereafter. The children’s parents were both grateful and relieved that such a service was made available to their children and that it had resolved a number of problems within the class. I recall thinking at the end of the school year that it was the best money I had spent. I would like to extend my gratitude to Patricia for providing our school with such an affirmative and supportive service.” Teacher, Gaelscoil, Dublin 

“Our workshops co-incided with inspection in the subject Social Personal and Health Education by the Dept. of Education & Skills. The inspector was greatly impressed with the workshop and follow up work. As a teacher and School Chaplain I found it excellent and feel that it has made a big difference. Students now think more about the way they treat each other.”
School Chaplain, Mohill Community College, Leitrim.

“It is very useful to see how the students become aware of what their class is like and how they can become an integral part of changing it.”
Guidance Counsellor, Coláiste Cois Life, Lucan.

“The methods and strategies used make the children feel at ease and they become willing to participate and open up on issues of concern. I found the workshop allowed me to deal with issues that were arising. I may not have become aware of such issues if it were not for the workshop.”
Class teacher, Mount Sion Primary, Waterford.

“We find it helps the students to be clear about bullying and its effects and who they can talk to in school if they are concerned. We would love to be able to have more workshops for other years but we do not have the funds to support this!”
Guidance Counsellor, Mount Sackville, Dublin.

“For those teachers who are unsure as where to turn and feel like they have exhausted all avenues this is a great tool.”
Class teacher, Gaelscoil Cholmcille, Dublin 17.

“Giving the students the opportunity to look at their behaviour in a fun, imaginative and non-threatening way is wonderful.”

“The workshop was excellent. It was amazing the insight Patricia gained from such a short space of time with the children”
Principal, Nobber NS, Kells, Co. Meath.

“We were very happy with the programme …we were very impressed at the way the workshop flowed and the fact that it was all about the students’ active participation… and all the students agree that it has made a difference, that life is better in their class since.”
Principal, Mohill Community College, Leitrim.

Very enjoyable and worthwhile session. The format is very good, the boys thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon…. Broadened the definitions of “bullying” to incorporate exclusion and isolation, which is far more common than overt physical bullying.
Class tutor, St. Conleth’s College, Dublin 4.

“Students began to realise that bullying takes many forms and also the effect it can have on another student. It was just excellent, really relaxing, informative, fun and it really left the students with something to think about.”
Guidance Counsellor, St. Joseph of Cluny, Co. Dublin.

“I found it very beneficial as the class teacher to observe and to listen to the children talk about their own experiences of bullying in a frank and open manner… the workshop reinforced the class work undertaken within the S.P.H.E. curriculum which led to greater active learning for the children… the workshops had a very inclusive nature which reinforced the school’s anti-bullying policy which was very productive.”
Class teacher, Our Lady of Mercy SNS, Waterford.

Swim Ireland invited Sticks and Stones to present regional workshops, each to a group of adults who work closely with children in a sporting environment. The workshops proved to be hugely beneficial for all participants, where each person had the opportunity to examine and learn from their own personal values. Sticks and Stones has helped them approach the difficult topic of bullying with an open mind and the confidence to help those involved. Swim Ireland would recommend Sticks and Stones to other organisations in helping tackle this destructive problem with confidence.”
Kate Hills, National Children’s Officer, Swim Ireland
Feedback from participants: ‘excellent – very informative’ ‘very interesting and insightful’ ‘very useful’ ‘hugely beneficial’ ‘open approach to a difficult subject’ ‘gave me some confidence to deal with bullying’

“This is one presentation that should be compulsory for parents/guardians to attend”


“The question posed to us was, “How we can tackle bullying head on?” and as we found out, the answer is simply in front of us. We, as young people, are the solution, not the problem. This was an inspiring speech and was one of the highlights of the day.”
ISSU, Irish Second-level Students’ Union, AGM

“I enjoyed the plays we did at the end in groups as it got us working together with people we didn’t particularly know and it opened our eyes to the slight things we do as a “laugh” or a “joke” can seem to be bullying and quite hurtful for others.”

“I enjoyed spending the workshop with my classmates and I think it made us closer because we weren’t really getting on before but now we are closer.”

“The most important thing I learned was what to do when you see someone being bullied.”

“I learnt that even if I am not doing the bullying I could be a huge contribution to it, I could be the audience for the bully and without me it might not be happening”